Island Ruin

The rock stood only a few feet above the water’s surface. The ruins of the castle sat dropped onto the rock holding on as if it was built into it. No one could remember who built the place or why, but it had belonged to the government for at least a century. Now, it belonged to a man named Jacob Knightly. 

He stood on the bow of his father’s yacht looking at the place. It didn’t look to be longer than a football field, but it would be something for the history books when he was done with it. His father’s voice came over the headset he was wearing. “What in the world did you buy that place for?”

Jacob snorted. “Because no-one wants it. I can’t sit back and let it continue to fall apart due to lack of anyone caring about it. It’s not like I couldn’t afford it.”

His father’s laughter cut across his nerves like a knife. “Good thing it was your money you used. I wouldn’t have allowed it.”

“That’s one of the many reasons I have made my own way in the world, Father. I never wanted to rely on your money.” Jacob said.

“Where do you want me to drop anchor? I’m not beaching this thing on those rocks.”

“Sail around to the north side, and keep your eyes on those clouds,” Jacob said. He walked away from the railing and headed down to the lower deck of the ship. He was going to use the jet ski his father held in the lower deck of the ship. 

“Be careful with my toy.” His father said, through the headset.

“Always.” He unlocked the door of the storage room. Crossing over the threshold he grabbed the keys out of the dish mounted to the wall. “Just be here when I’m ready to leave. I don’t think your toy is going to get me all the way back to the mainland.” He tossed a leg over the jet ski and turned the key. The machine roared to life. He waited until his father’s ship slowed back to a stop. 

“All good.” 

Jacob pulled the jet ski into the open water. The water sprayed up soaking him as he raced across the open water to the one area of sand on his little island. He stopped the jet ski on the sand and pulled it slightly farther up onto the sand. The sand only reached a few feet up onto the rocks turning into gravel then stone. He walked up into the ruins looking at how the stone walls were falling down yet the place still held so much power and grandeur. 

“Hey, what do you think of the idea of just stabilizing the stone walls and repairing the build with old world timbers?” Jacob asked running his hands over one of the more stable walls.

“It would cost a fortune. But yeah it would look amazing once it was done. Is that your plan? To rebuild it and turn it into something?”

Jacob mentally took measurements of the base of the building. “I was thinking of something like a destination resort. Just a few rooms to go with the amazing view.” He rambled. 

“Come on back and we can set it up. If there is one thing I know you don’t make choices without doing enough research. And I want to get out of here before that storm gets much worse.” His father said through the headset.

Jacob went back and got on the jet ski. It wasn’t a long ride before he was back on his father’s ship. They raced back to the mainland harbor docking the ship in the last slip. 

Jacob smiled as he and his father made their way up to the harbor office. They needed to talk to the coast guard about the building Jacob wanted to do on the island.

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