Solving the Mystery

Jenna pulled her car to a stop in front of the door of the old house. She checked the paper where she had written the address to ensure she was in the right place; she was. Looking up, Jenna shook her head. Something wasn’t right. The place was dark and looked as if it had been empty for years. Picking up her phone, she dialed the number for the real estate lady who had set up the meeting with the owner.

“Hello, Jenna. What’s up?” Paula asked, picking up the phone on the third ring.

“This place is empty. It’s completely dark.” Jenna said.

Paula’s voice held a note of panic. “Strange, Teak should be there. Let me call him and see what’s happening?” 

“Okay. Call me back,” Jenna said, hanging up and putting the phone on the dash. She looked at the house again. There wasn’t any light in any of the windows. 

It was about ten minutes later when her phone rang. She picked it up and checked the screen. Paula’s name was showing. She clicked the start call button. “What did he have to say, Paula?” She asked without even letting the other woman say anything. 

“Here’s the thing. He’s not answering his phone. His assistant can’t reach him and he didn’t show up for his morning meeting today. Can you hang out for a few and let me see if I can figure out what’s happening? Or do you have something pressing that you need to get to?” Paula asked.

Jenna looked up at the house again, something about it seeming to call to her. “I can stay. Do you think it would be okay if I walked around the outside of the house? I won’t go in, I just want to look around.”

There was a hesitation before Paula answered. “As long as you don’t go inside, everything should be fine.” She said.

“Okay. Call me back when you know something,” Jenna said. She hung up the phone, tucking it into her pocket as she climbed out of the car. She closed the car door and walked toward the front door. The sound of her footsteps on the gravel seemed to echo in the growing darkness. She looked over her shoulder, noticing movement at the end of the building. “Hello? Teak?” She called out.

There was no answer. She changed direction, headed for the where she had seen the movement. Rounding the corner, she saw nothing. She walked along the side of the house, glancing into the windows as she passed them. Reaching one of larger windows, she looked in and stopped walking. The moonlight filtered through the dirty glass, but she could see a form laying on the floor. “Shit,” she said as what she was looking at registered for her. She was looking at a body.

Jenna pulled her phone out and sucked in a breath as she dialed 911. Someone answered before the end of the first ring. “911 What’s your emergency?” A woman’s voice asked. 

“I think someone is hurt at the house I am at,” she said.

“What’s the address?” The woman asked.

Jenna gave the address and stood unmoving, looking in the window. “I’m outside looking through a window, so I’m not sure if they are dead or something else.”

The woman typed something. “Can you get inside?” The woman asked.

“Not without breaking in. I was supposed to meet the owner here tonight to look at the house,” Jenna said.

“Okay, I’ve sent paramedics to your location. Please meet them at the front door.” The woman said.

Jenna ended the call, feeling off. It hadn’t gone the way it should have. She walked to the front of the house and trying the handle. It wasn’t locked. “Sorry, Paula,” she whispered, opening the door and stepping inside. She called out. “Teak?”

Again, no response. She walked through the house, headed for the room where she had seen the body. Stepping into the room, she coughed. The scent was strong, coppery, and sweet. Blood. “Damn.” She listened, trying to determine if the person on the ground was breathing. She could tell, but she didn’t want to move any closer in case she disturbed anything. Racing back to the front door, she skidded on the carpet, losing her footing and falling to the floor. 

Forcing herself back to her feet, she could hear the sirens in the distance. She got to the door as they pulled into the driveway. Three men stepped from the ambulance as it came to a stop behind her car. She called out, “They’re in here.”

The men followed her into the room, lighting their way with bright flashlights. She spoke as they got close to the door of the room he was in. “In there. I’ll stay out here and wait for the police.” She said, knowing they were coming.

  One of them spoke in response. “That’s fine. Thank you for calling this in.”

She turned to walk back outside but was stopped by an officer standing in the hallway. “Are you the one who called?” He asked.

“Yes,” she answered. He took her arm and lead her out to his car. As they stepped from the house, she noticed Paula standing at the front of her car. “Paula?”

“He’s dead. The body you found was Teak. Things are going to get strange. But I’m here and my husband is on the way. He will make sure all of this gets sorted out.”

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