A Pirate’s Choice

Tia would have been sailing for twenty years at the end of the month. She loved being on the water, but she was growing tired of the life. She wanted a hearth and home for the first time in years. Standing at the wheel of the ship, she listened to the sounds of water and... Continue Reading →

Different Choices

“Is this really how you want to spend the next year?” My mother Diane asked as she watched me tucking the last few essentials into the different storage compartments of the van. “Yes, in fact, I don’t know if I will stop at the end of a year. The more I research and talk to... Continue Reading →

Returning the Favor

The corvette screamed down the road wind blowing Jordan’s hair back like a flag. It had taken him five years of hard work and every spare penny had had to restore the car. He couldn’t be happier with the results. He eased off the gas, letting the speed come back down to a respectable sixty-five.... Continue Reading →

The Legend of the Haunted Carnival

The bent old man sat down at his normal table in the bar's corner. The waitress brought him a tall glass of amber liquid, sitting it on the table in front of him. “Good evening, Karen,” the old man said. She smiled. “Evening, Mr. Thomas. Will you be telling us a story tonight?” She asked,... Continue Reading →

Nightmares of Adventure

The trees crowded the road as Ari walked along the darkening street. She fiddled with the flashlight she carried, her thoughts drifting on the chilly wind blowing. She had been walking for hours since she had been hitchhiking across the country and hadn’t had a ride in a while. As she came to a curve... Continue Reading →

The Graveyard Knows

Maxwell stood at the center of the cemetery listening to the soft strands of jazz music. He had come to the cemetery to spend time with the memories of his late family. It had been a long, rough year for his family. The Barkley family had added twelve people to those resting in the cemetery... Continue Reading →

Silence In The Woods

Jeffery walked through the woods every day. He didn’t think today would be any different as he slipped his feet into heavy hiking boots and tossed a light jacket on. Today, he was headed to the caves at the north end of the woods. A place he had yet to explore. The drive to the... Continue Reading →

Demon’s Castle

The stone castle rested silent and calm atop Mount Kilar against the cold light of the sky. Dometri was the last of his family line, and the castle now belonged to him. He sat in his car just inside the wall surrounding the place. Staring up at the main building of the old site, he... Continue Reading →

In The Lantern Light

The sunset was beautiful as always while Liam sat in the sand a few feet from the water’s edge, an unlit lantern by his side. He wasn’t sure how long he would sit there tonight, so he had brought the lantern and the thin blanket it rested on. It was the anniversary of the worst... Continue Reading →

Pleasure of the Night

Thea had always been fascinated by vampires. Not the overly sexualized creatures in movies like Twilight or Interview With A Vampire, but the dark, dangerous blood sucking creatures of the night that haunted her dreams. At the moment, she sat in the bowels of an old library reading through handwritten notes in a journal that... Continue Reading →

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