Solving the Mystery

Jenna pulled her car to a stop in front of the door of the old house. She checked the paper where she had written the address to ensure she was in the right place; she was. Looking up, Jenna shook her head. Something wasn’t right. The place was dark and looked as if it had... Continue Reading →

Wedding Cake and Trainers

Jean stood in her mother’s living room back straight as broomstick and temper under a tight grip. “Mother, why are we still arguing over this?” She asked, pacing to the fireplace and back. Her mother sat in a wooden rocker in front of the window. “Of course we are. You can’t really be thinking about... Continue Reading →

The Wonders of the Library

Ramone walked through the front door of the library with a feeling of dread. He didn’t want the new job, but as the library was the only place to call him back with a job offer in over a year, he didn’t see any other choice. He walked through the rows trying to get a... Continue Reading →

Stepping into the Past

“Are we really going to go to the boneyard?” Michael asked, walking along the path in the city park.  “Yeah, it sounds like a fun adventure. My grandpa used to take me when I was little.” Amy said, keeping pace with him as they walked.  “But aren’t those old trains dangerous?”  “Not if you’re careful.... Continue Reading →

Creation of Nightmares

Eli knew the house had been abandoned for decades, but he still felt the same captivation he had when he was a child. There was something about the old place that called to him. He pulled his truck into the driveway, negotiating the rutted lane as best as he could. The old beast of a... Continue Reading →

Different Choices

“Is this really how you want to spend the next year?” My mother Diane asked as she watched me tucking the last few essentials into the different storage compartments of the van. “Yes, in fact, I don’t know if I will stop at the end of a year. The more I research and talk to... Continue Reading →

Returning the Favor

The corvette screamed down the road wind blowing Jordan’s hair back like a flag. It had taken him five years of hard work and every spare penny had had to restore the car. He couldn’t be happier with the results. He eased off the gas, letting the speed come back down to a respectable sixty-five.... Continue Reading →

Nightmares of Adventure

The trees crowded the road as Ari walked along the darkening street. She fiddled with the flashlight she carried, her thoughts drifting on the chilly wind blowing. She had been walking for hours since she had been hitchhiking across the country and hadn’t had a ride in a while. As she came to a curve... Continue Reading →

The Graveyard Knows

Maxwell stood at the center of the cemetery listening to the soft strands of jazz music. He had come to the cemetery to spend time with the memories of his late family. It had been a long, rough year for his family. The Barkley family had added twelve people to those resting in the cemetery... Continue Reading →

Silence In The Woods

Jeffery walked through the woods every day. He didn’t think today would be any different as he slipped his feet into heavy hiking boots and tossed a light jacket on. Today, he was headed to the caves at the north end of the woods. A place he had yet to explore. The drive to the... Continue Reading →

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