From Past to Present

A compass, two coins, and a key. The items sat on the ancient map in the center of Michael’s desk. As the latest in five generations of sailors, he kept telling people he was living his best life, yet he wasn’t so sure of late. He sailed into the Harbor the day after finding the... Continue Reading →

Bending Reality

The parking lot was empty as the woman pulled into her normal spot. It was odd, but she wasn’t worried. She got out, locked the car, and headed up to the building, ready to start her shift in the nightmare that was retail employment. The door was unlocked when she tried the handle, so she... Continue Reading →

The Cost at the Crossroads

Everyone in town always talked about the deals that could be made at the crossroads down the street. Damon didn’t believe, but he was willing to try anything to save her. Nothing from science had worked, so now he was willing to step into the unknown. Now, he stood in the center of the crossroads,... Continue Reading →

Grandfather’s Motorcycle

It wasn’t flashy; it wasn’t new, but it had belonged to her grandfather. That alone made it worth restoring. Britney grunted as she pulled on the front wheel of the bike a second time, trying to get the thing to dislodge from the rest of the mess in the back of the garage. It just... Continue Reading →

A Monster at the Harbor

As the sunset over the harbor, Brea walked each dock, checking to ensure she locked everything down for the night. Each one of the metal gates she passed was locked - that is, until she reached the gate for one of the most expensive boats docked in the harbor. That gate was open. “Crap,” she... Continue Reading →

Supernatural World

Halloween was always entertaining in New Orleans, and that was the way things had been for years. Albert knew that and for the last few years, he had found ways and reasons to be out of town during the celebration. This year, things hadn’t gone quite to plan. He had made it out of the... Continue Reading →

Haunted Church

The stained glass windows turned the sunlight into rainbows inside the cathedral. Rose stood just inside the closed doors. She was there for sanctuary and her nerves were stretched as tight as they could be. He had chased her across over four states now. It was time to admit he would not stop until she... Continue Reading →

The Tracks

Roxanne loved to travel. She used to say she got it from her mother, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. Now she walked along the old railroad tracks watching the sunset, her backpack tucked safely behind her back. Trains hadn’t used the tracks for years, so she felt safe walking on them... Continue Reading →

Island Ruin

The rock stood only a few feet above the water’s surface. The ruins of the castle sat dropped onto the rock holding on as if it was built into it. No one could remember who built the place or why, but it had belonged to the government for at least a century. Now, it belonged... Continue Reading →

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse was one of the oldest working lighthouses in the country. It had been in the same family since the first day it shone over the water at the end of the stone pier. Jasper was the last of that line, now. He walked along the stone wall with short measured steps doing his... Continue Reading →

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