Lake House

The house sat on a wide dock over the lake. Michael stood leaning against the railing looking out over the water. It was the first time he had been here since his parents had been killed five summers before. The place was going to need some hard work to get the place back into the... Continue Reading →

Changing of the Guard

The church had been built years before of cut grey stone. Now it stood alone at the edge of the clearing. The forest had overgrown the path in and most of the people in town had forgotten about the old place. That was other than one man. He had been the last person hired by... Continue Reading →

Time to Take a Chance

Becca sat in the uncomfortable plastic chair next to the hospital bed waiting for her best friend, Thomas, to wake up from the coma he had been in for over two months. The doctors had been letting her stay with him as long and as often as she wanted to. She figured they didn’t think... Continue Reading →

Secrets and Ghosts

“The house once belonged to a powerful man from New Orleans. Power, but cruel. He was known to be a lady’s man, but no one ever stood against him on anything.” Rachel said, standing in front of the old house. She felt funny talking about the place. More so than now, owning the place. She... Continue Reading →

Danny’s Ride

Heather stood at the edge of the road, her silk dress getting ruined by the rain. Her once-white shoes were stained and now a dull gray. It had been a long evening and now she was alone, beaten, and miles from home. She had a choice either to walk down the road back to town... Continue Reading →

Broken Castle

Over two centuries have passed since he walked the halls of Creag Castle. As he stepped onto the end of the road leading to the castle, his breath caught. The sight of his family’s castle in ruin broke his heart. He should have kept the place in better shape. His steps faltered at the edge... Continue Reading →

Calling on the Keeper

The lighthouse had stood on the Witaker’s Point for more than a century. Being kept by the same family through the years, generation after generation. Now, it was Kelmit’s turn to stand as Lighthouse Keeper. He climbed the stairs inside the old building, stopping at the door to his apartment one floor before the light.... Continue Reading →

When the Town Cried

It was Founder’s Day. A beautiful late July day in the south. They planned everything to be perfect, and it was all going according to plan until a scream cut through the noise of carnival. The sound was full of pain - she sounded as if she was in desperate trouble.  Everyone, well, almost everyone,... Continue Reading →

Nightmare Creator

The machine, covered in dust and left to rot in the back corner of a long-lost cabin deep in Hollow Woods. Talon stood looking down at the typewriter, staring at the only evidence of the woman he loved. He wanted to reach out, to touch the keys she had used for so long, to create... Continue Reading →

The Secrets in the Cove

There was something strange about the cove as we sailed around the point of the cove. I couldn’t see anything unusual, but the feeling was almost overwhelming. The sun was bright, blinking off the caps of the waves. I lowered the sails on the boat. Dropped anchor in the center of the cove, unwilling to... Continue Reading →

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