From Past to Present

A compass, two coins, and a key. The items sat on the ancient map in the center of Michael’s desk. As the latest in five generations of sailors, he kept telling people he was living his best life, yet he wasn’t so sure of late. He sailed into the Harbor the day after finding the... Continue Reading →

The Cost at the Crossroads

Everyone in town always talked about the deals that could be made at the crossroads down the street. Damon didn’t believe, but he was willing to try anything to save her. Nothing from science had worked, so now he was willing to step into the unknown. Now, he stood in the center of the crossroads,... Continue Reading →

Lake House

The house sat on a wide dock over the lake. Michael stood leaning against the railing looking out over the water. It was the first time he had been here since his parents had been killed five summers before. The place was going to need some hard work to get the place back into the... Continue Reading →

A Monster at the Harbor

As the sunset over the harbor, Brea walked each dock, checking to ensure she locked everything down for the night. Each one of the metal gates she passed was locked - that is, until she reached the gate for one of the most expensive boats docked in the harbor. That gate was open. “Crap,” she... Continue Reading →

Island Ruin

The rock stood only a few feet above the water’s surface. The ruins of the castle sat dropped onto the rock holding on as if it was built into it. No one could remember who built the place or why, but it had belonged to the government for at least a century. Now, it belonged... Continue Reading →

Time to Take a Chance

Becca sat in the uncomfortable plastic chair next to the hospital bed waiting for her best friend, Thomas, to wake up from the coma he had been in for over two months. The doctors had been letting her stay with him as long and as often as she wanted to. She figured they didn’t think... Continue Reading →

Danny’s Ride

Heather stood at the edge of the road, her silk dress getting ruined by the rain. Her once-white shoes were stained and now a dull gray. It had been a long evening and now she was alone, beaten, and miles from home. She had a choice either to walk down the road back to town... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Travels

The fog always seemed to roll in the morning of Thanksgiving each year. When it arrived, the family would take a pilgrimage out to the island in the center of the lake. This year, Charlie was at the helm of the little ferry they used. It was his first year in the position of captain,... Continue Reading →

The Haunting

It’s been ten years now since the day I last stepped foot past the fence line and into the swamp once owned by my family. The scars from that night have not healed, and I doubt they ever will. My cousins James, Beth, Joshua, and I were spending the summer at our grandparent’s house in... Continue Reading →

A Responsability from Grandpa

I grew up being raised by my grandfather. He was a wonderful man, and I loved him with everything I was. He was also one of the strangest men you could ever meet. The man lived to tell stories. When I was growing up, he would tell stories about the adventures he had been on... Continue Reading →

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