Solving the Mystery

Jenna pulled her car to a stop in front of the door of the old house. She checked the paper where she had written the address to ensure she was in the right place; she was. Looking up, Jenna shook her head. Something wasn’t right. The place was dark and looked as if it had... Continue Reading →

The Call of The Pack

The little house sat in the center of the clearing. Raven Silverclaw stood tall under the full moon as he waited for the change to take him. Tonight it was taking longer than usual. He looked out across the clearing, trying to find some sign of his sister. There was nothing. The forest was quiet... Continue Reading →

The Legend of the Haunted Carnival

The bent old man sat down at his normal table in the bar's corner. The waitress brought him a tall glass of amber liquid, sitting it on the table in front of him. “Good evening, Karen,” the old man said. She smiled. “Evening, Mr. Thomas. Will you be telling us a story tonight?” She asked,... Continue Reading →

Pleasure of the Night

Thea had always been fascinated by vampires. Not the overly sexualized creatures in movies like Twilight or Interview With A Vampire, but the dark, dangerous blood sucking creatures of the night that haunted her dreams. At the moment, she sat in the bowels of an old library reading through handwritten notes in a journal that... Continue Reading →

Time to Take a Chance

Becca sat in the uncomfortable plastic chair next to the hospital bed waiting for her best friend, Thomas, to wake up from the coma he had been in for over two months. The doctors had been letting her stay with him as long and as often as she wanted to. She figured they didn’t think... Continue Reading →

Nightmare Creator

The machine, covered in dust and left to rot in the back corner of a long-lost cabin deep in Hollow Woods. Talon stood looking down at the typewriter, staring at the only evidence of the woman he loved. He wanted to reach out, to touch the keys she had used for so long, to create... Continue Reading →

The Villa of Hosts

People knew the place as The Villa of Hosts. No one in town could tell you why it had gotten that name or when. They could only say it must have come along after Sir Reginald Marshall had passed away. This was because he would never have allowed his family home, Marshall Manor, to have... Continue Reading →

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