The Graveyard Knows

Maxwell stood at the center of the cemetery listening to the soft strands of jazz music. He had come to the cemetery to spend time with the memories of his late family. It had been a long, rough year for his family. The Barkley family had added twelve people to those resting in the cemetery... Continue Reading →

The Tracks

Roxanne loved to travel. She used to say she got it from her mother, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. Now she walked along the old railroad tracks watching the sunset, her backpack tucked safely behind her back. Trains hadn’t used the tracks for years, so she felt safe walking on them... Continue Reading →

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse was one of the oldest working lighthouses in the country. It had been in the same family since the first day it shone over the water at the end of the stone pier. Jasper was the last of that line, now. He walked along the stone wall with short measured steps doing his... Continue Reading →

Secrets and Ghosts

“The house once belonged to a powerful man from New Orleans. Power, but cruel. He was known to be a lady’s man, but no one ever stood against him on anything.” Rachel said, standing in front of the old house. She felt funny talking about the place. More so than now, owning the place. She... Continue Reading →

Calling on the Keeper

The lighthouse had stood on the Witaker’s Point for more than a century. Being kept by the same family through the years, generation after generation. Now, it was Kelmit’s turn to stand as Lighthouse Keeper. He climbed the stairs inside the old building, stopping at the door to his apartment one floor before the light.... Continue Reading →

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