Solving the Mystery

Jenna pulled her car to a stop in front of the door of the old house. She checked the paper where she had written the address to ensure she was in the right place; she was. Looking up, Jenna shook her head. Something wasn’t right. The place was dark and looked as if it had... Continue Reading →

The Rock Gate

Elijah stood at the top of the rocky outcrop, looking at the formation a few yards away. It was called the Rock Gate of Maine. He lifted the camera in his hand to put the gate into focus. Snapping the picture, he let a smile grow across his lips. His boss was going to love... Continue Reading →

The Painting

The painting had hung on the wall of his grandmother’s house for as long as anyone in the family could remember. Joshua walked through the house, keeping his eyes off the painting as he crossed the living room. He hated the thing. It was just a simple painting of a Victorian house. There was nothing... Continue Reading →

The Wonders of the Library

Ramone walked through the front door of the library with a feeling of dread. He didn’t want the new job, but as the library was the only place to call him back with a job offer in over a year, he didn’t see any other choice. He walked through the rows trying to get a... Continue Reading →

Taste of Forever

Elizabeth stood in the doorway of her father’s home office, watching as he worked. They had been talking about her going off to college. “It will do you good to be out in the world for a while,” he said, without looking up.  “I know, but I’ve never been out of our town. What would... Continue Reading →

Creation of Nightmares

Eli knew the house had been abandoned for decades, but he still felt the same captivation he had when he was a child. There was something about the old place that called to him. He pulled his truck into the driveway, negotiating the rutted lane as best as he could. The old beast of a... Continue Reading →

A Pirate’s Choice

Tia would have been sailing for twenty years at the end of the month. She loved being on the water, but she was growing tired of the life. She wanted a hearth and home for the first time in years. Standing at the wheel of the ship, she listened to the sounds of water and... Continue Reading →

Returning the Favor

The corvette screamed down the road wind blowing Jordan’s hair back like a flag. It had taken him five years of hard work and every spare penny had had to restore the car. He couldn’t be happier with the results. He eased off the gas, letting the speed come back down to a respectable sixty-five.... Continue Reading →

Silence In The Woods

Jeffery walked through the woods every day. He didn’t think today would be any different as he slipped his feet into heavy hiking boots and tossed a light jacket on. Today, he was headed to the caves at the north end of the woods. A place he had yet to explore. The drive to the... Continue Reading →

Demon’s Castle

The stone castle rested silent and calm atop Mount Kilar against the cold light of the sky. Dometri was the last of his family line, and the castle now belonged to him. He sat in his car just inside the wall surrounding the place. Staring up at the main building of the old site, he... Continue Reading →

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