Pleasure of the Night

Thea had always been fascinated by vampires. Not the overly sexualized creatures in movies like Twilight or Interview With A Vampire, but the dark, dangerous blood sucking creatures of the night that haunted her dreams. At the moment, she sat in the bowels of an old library reading through handwritten notes in a journal that... Continue Reading →

From Past to Present

A compass, two coins, and a key. The items sat on the ancient map in the center of Michael’s desk. As the latest in five generations of sailors, he kept telling people he was living his best life, yet he wasn’t so sure of late. He sailed into the Harbor the day after finding the... Continue Reading →

The Cost at the Crossroads

Everyone in town always talked about the deals that could be made at the crossroads down the street. Damon didn’t believe, but he was willing to try anything to save her. Nothing from science had worked, so now he was willing to step into the unknown. Now, he stood in the center of the crossroads,... Continue Reading →

Supernatural World

Halloween was always entertaining in New Orleans, and that was the way things had been for years. Albert knew that and for the last few years, he had found ways and reasons to be out of town during the celebration. This year, things hadn’t gone quite to plan. He had made it out of the... Continue Reading →

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse was one of the oldest working lighthouses in the country. It had been in the same family since the first day it shone over the water at the end of the stone pier. Jasper was the last of that line, now. He walked along the stone wall with short measured steps doing his... Continue Reading →

Secrets and Ghosts

“The house once belonged to a powerful man from New Orleans. Power, but cruel. He was known to be a lady’s man, but no one ever stood against him on anything.” Rachel said, standing in front of the old house. She felt funny talking about the place. More so than now, owning the place. She... Continue Reading →

Danny’s Ride

Heather stood at the edge of the road, her silk dress getting ruined by the rain. Her once-white shoes were stained and now a dull gray. It had been a long evening and now she was alone, beaten, and miles from home. She had a choice either to walk down the road back to town... Continue Reading →

Behind the Waterfall

The sound of the water crashing against the rocks was deafening as Jacob set up his tent on the section of loose pebbles. Caleb had heard all the stories about the falls. Stories of the ghost of the woman in white to the Native American couple who had been killed in a raid. He didn’t... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of a Vampire

Edgar sat in an antique leather wing chair in the corner of the darkened library, looking out the tall narrow window as he sipped a glass of cognac. He had never been a fan of the day, even less is after the fateful night he spent with her so many years ago. He could remember... Continue Reading →

Broken Castle

Over two centuries have passed since he walked the halls of Creag Castle. As he stepped onto the end of the road leading to the castle, his breath caught. The sight of his family’s castle in ruin broke his heart. He should have kept the place in better shape. His steps faltered at the edge... Continue Reading →

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