Silence In The Woods

Jeffery walked through the woods every day. He didn’t think today would be any different as he slipped his feet into heavy hiking boots and tossed a light jacket on. Today, he was headed to the caves at the north end of the woods. A place he had yet to explore. The drive to the... Continue Reading →

Demon’s Castle

The stone castle rested silent and calm atop Mount Kilar against the cold light of the sky. Dometri was the last of his family line, and the castle now belonged to him. He sat in his car just inside the wall surrounding the place. Staring up at the main building of the old site, he... Continue Reading →

In The Lantern Light

The sunset was beautiful as always while Liam sat in the sand a few feet from the water’s edge, an unlit lantern by his side. He wasn’t sure how long he would sit there tonight, so he had brought the lantern and the thin blanket it rested on. It was the anniversary of the worst... Continue Reading →

Bending Reality

The parking lot was empty as the woman pulled into her normal spot. It was odd, but she wasn’t worried. She got out, locked the car, and headed up to the building, ready to start her shift in the nightmare that was retail employment. The door was unlocked when she tried the handle, so she... Continue Reading →

The Cost at the Crossroads

Everyone in town always talked about the deals that could be made at the crossroads down the street. Damon didn’t believe, but he was willing to try anything to save her. Nothing from science had worked, so now he was willing to step into the unknown. Now, he stood in the center of the crossroads,... Continue Reading →

Lake House

The house sat on a wide dock over the lake. Michael stood leaning against the railing looking out over the water. It was the first time he had been here since his parents had been killed five summers before. The place was going to need some hard work to get the place back into the... Continue Reading →

Supernatural World

Halloween was always entertaining in New Orleans, and that was the way things had been for years. Albert knew that and for the last few years, he had found ways and reasons to be out of town during the celebration. This year, things hadn’t gone quite to plan. He had made it out of the... Continue Reading →

Haunted Church

The stained glass windows turned the sunlight into rainbows inside the cathedral. Rose stood just inside the closed doors. She was there for sanctuary and her nerves were stretched as tight as they could be. He had chased her across over four states now. It was time to admit he would not stop until she... Continue Reading →

The Tracks

Roxanne loved to travel. She used to say she got it from her mother, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. Now she walked along the old railroad tracks watching the sunset, her backpack tucked safely behind her back. Trains hadn’t used the tracks for years, so she felt safe walking on them... Continue Reading →

Behind the Waterfall

The sound of the water crashing against the rocks was deafening as Jacob set up his tent on the section of loose pebbles. Caleb had heard all the stories about the falls. Stories of the ghost of the woman in white to the Native American couple who had been killed in a raid. He didn’t... Continue Reading →

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